Us! is what happens when three 'seeker' singer-songwriters join their eclectic talents and musical influences to encourage positive change, unity and dialogue. The trio spices their message-driven songs with luscious harmonies, robust melodies and unexpected twists and turns.


Gold Award Winners - 36th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (Open)



Cool Happenings

Great start to 2020! 

So excited with news that we were selected for the Gold Award in the Open category of the 36th Mid Atlantic Song Contest for our song, Too Much Crying"!

Look for us in April as Us! joins the wonderful duo, Whispering Tree for a double bill at Howland Center in Beacon on April 3rd and then heads to Rockwood Music Hall on April 14th for an evening of music with John Platt's On Your Radar!  Check our Shows page for details of those and other upcoming happenings!


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