Us! returns to the Towne Crier Café in Beacon, NY on June 25, 2021 – with surprise guest!

Friends came from far and wide to enjoy the delights offered at Phil Ciganer's Towne Crier Café in Beacon, NY on July 25, 2021, and to finally see Us! play live again. The trio played two sets of mostly original songs with some carefully curated favorites which helped emphasize their theme of unity, cooperation, connection, and ecological responsibility. The songs rang true, the harmonies resonated through the Salon, and the delightful crowd was delighted – even more so when Us! Invited a surprise guest to the stage to add some unrehearsed magic to the show – exquisite trumpeter and daughter of Judy Kass, Kyla Moscovich. Whenever Kyla played, the music glowed, and so did the faces of the trio members. Everyone enjoyed the moment, and all vowed this must happen again. 

So don’t miss the next show…you never know!